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Sustainable Health To Empower Wellness, Happiness, And Success

Who We Serve

We serve individuals and organizations focused on health.

Our individual clients are often interested in overcoming the effects of poor diet and nutrition or achieving optimal health to support their desired lifestyle and goals.

Our organizational clients typically integrate health services alongside other coaching initiatives because they recognize the importance of wellness and its impact on their team's physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Leslie’s personal health journey and education make her a valuable partner regardless of your health coaching needs.

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Individual clients learn a new way of eating and supporting their health that is not “diet” focused but rather health focused. Coaching includes support, guidelines, recommendations, and recipes that help clients experience significant weight loss and reversal of symptoms while boosting energy, happiness, and confidence.

Corporate clients utilize Leslie’s expertise alongside other coaching efforts to educate and collaborate with their teams on improving and sustaining wellness. Employees often experience the same outcomes as one-on-one clients while also feeling valued and supported by the organization.


I have found a passion for coaching others – helping my team and those around me to find their best self and bring that forward. I could not have gotten there without Leslie’s support.

- Diana P.

For 8 weeks, I followed the guidance of Leslie, staying plant-based and eating her recipes. At the end of the eight weeks, I actually lost 20 pounds! I never felt deprived, the recipes were plentiful and flavorful and there was almost always a bit of dessert to end the day! The good news was that I also felt better.

- Earline D.


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