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We Serve Individuals and Organizations That Recognize Success Is Human-Powered

By introducing the process and methodology to affect change, Leslie is uniquely positioned to help individuals and teams grow their understanding of themselves and each other. That step, along with skill development and education, introduces communication, alignment of purpose, and engagement in ways that immediately improve productivity and outcomes.

Leslie integrates industry tools such as Disc Assessments with her own methodology and resources to impact clients from all industries.

Below is a list of Corporate Service Offerings:

  • Executive Coaching
  • High Potential Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Leadership Development Programs and Sessions
  • Communications Programs and Sessions
  • Conversational IntelligenceĀ® Enhanced Skill Coaching and Group Sessions
  • Health Coaching Focused on Sustaining a Health-Driven Lifestyle


Clients experience a growth in knowledge, understanding, collaboration, and engagement. Often, a positive culture evolves in the organization so rapidly that teams and leaders begin to see reduced costs and absenteeism and increased productivity, sales, and goal achievement within months.


As a rising Senior Manager with the largest privately held REIT in Texas, I was introduced to Executive Coaching as a tool to promote me to a higher level in my career. Leslie was tasked with a challenge to transform me and my team of 35 into a more cohesive unit designed to be more productive and more engaged. She was successful. Through self awareness, clear goal setting and creating developmental objectives, Leslie helped unlock our potential. This one coaching experience launched over 200 people to a brighter and more successful future.

- Kevin J.

[Leslie] helped give me the confidence I needed to step into a newer, elevated position. As I sit today, I am the COO of a 4-year-old company that has expanded from 15 to 45 people over the course of that time, through a global pandemic and insane economic uncertainty. I believe she would be effective in any type of team/organization.

- Joe Z.

Leslie had been instrumental in the development of a training program that I had the opportunity to Manage for a large organization. She not only has been a great colleague but also a very good friend. Her knowledge of various types of training methods and her ability to demonstrate them in a team environment has made her a successful business person in a very difficult and competitive market place. Not only is Leslie a great business woman she also is very personable. Should I ever need advice in the sales or training arena I would contact Leslie.

- Eugene K.


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