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Who We Are

We help our clients create and maintain a culture of trust, confidence, and engagement. Dynamic Interactions is led by Leslie Amerman, a passionate and experienced professional coach that helps people and teams discover and learn how to sustain excellence and performance.

  • Zust Bachmeier International
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Shell Oil Company, BMC Software, Inc.
  • Halliburton Company
  • National Association of Activity Professionals
  • Institute for Supply Chain Management (formerly NAPM) 


Our comprehensive services maximize all elements of human potential, from learning new concepts that support individual confidence, collaborative growth, and organizational trust to maintaining optimal health that empowers success.

  • Executive Coaching
  • High Potential Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Leadership Development Programs and Sessions
  • Communications Programs and Sessions
  • Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Skill Coaching and Group Sessions
  • Health Coaching Focused on Sustaining a Health-Driven Lifestyle

Learn more about our approach to building curiosity, understanding and effectiveness.

What to Expect (Outcomes)

An environment and team that understands one another, shares unity of purpose, and has trust is - unstoppable.

Our clients experience individual growth, increased sales, organizational advancement, employee engagement, improved productivity, reduced costs, and joy! When you create a culture that empowers participants to understand and utilize their strengths alongside others, the results are contagious.


Leslie is a positive and energetic professional development leader with significant expertise and experience in the dynamics of interpersonal communication. Leslie is well positioned to assist both individuals and companies with leveraging these dynamics to achieve more effective communication on a personal as well as organizational level.

- Steve L.

I recently had the privilege of being trained by Leslie while seeking sales skills development and I must say that this training was THE BEST experience that I've ever had with a developmental course. Leslie's passion and commitment to her students came through undoubtedly with every developmental step that we took during the 2-week course. Her ability to interact with all types of personalities is unmatched. If you are seeking developmental help, you should reach out to her directly. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!

- Nijah G.

After attending Leslie’s training with my staff, I have had a huge breakthrough creating one on one career development plans with each of my direct reports. I truly feel I have a strong succession plan in place. As well, Leslie presented the information in a real-world, easily applied manner. She promised to give us the “WIFM” (what’s in it for me) view so we can apply the information immediately and she did. Thanks Leslie!

- Cassondra G.

[Leslie] has helped develop an advanced training program which not only teaches our agents the product and how to sell but how to analyze our client and recognize the type of client we are dealing with at that time. She has programs that can help a beginner all the way up to VP of companies. She does a great job understanding business needs and how to create a program to allow people to learn quickly and efficiently.

- Demarco L. 

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